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Becker, Frasier, Laugh-In, Rhoda, Mary Tyler Moore, Alice, Glitter, Chico and the Man, Carroll O'Connor Special, One Day At A Time, Perfect Strangers, Amazing Stories, The Edge of Night, The Facts of Life, Tonight Show, Dinah, Virginia Graham, Mike Douglas, David Frost, Match Game, Movie Game, Hollywood Squares, Tabitha, ABC Special Saturday, Captain Kangaroo, Hart to Hart

Sweet Charity, Dames At Sea, Hello Dolly, Hallelujah Baby, Bus Stop, Fiorello!, Come Summer, I Love My Wife, Little Me, Her First Man, Pleasure Palaces, Last Of The Red Hot Lovers, The Boyfriend

Feature Films:
Con Air, Time Share, I'll Do Anything, My Stepmother Is An Alien, Norman Is That You

Other Theater:
Guys and Dolls (Guthrie), Three Sisters (Guthrie), Irma La Douce, Cole Porter Revisited, Vanities (Drury Lane Chicago), Babes In Arms, Finians Rainbow, Carousel, Annie Get Your Gun, Wish You Were Here, Italian Straw Hat, Always The Bridesmaid Never The Bride, Meet Me In St. Louis, Oklahoma, Taking a Chance on Love (DRAMA LOGUE AWARD)

Commercials and Voice Overs: (Perfect for Cartoons)
Many National Projects - List Upon Request
Member New York City Ballet Company
Original Broadway Cast & Recordings:
Sweet Charity, Hello Dolly,
and Hallelujah Baby
Numerous Drama Logue Awards
Bob Fosse Lead Dancer for five years

Tisherman Agency: 323-850-6767

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Tisherman Agency: 323-850-6767

Some Examples of Sharma's
Extensive TV/Filmography:

Starring TV Roles:
Glitter: (1984-85) Shelley Sealy- 14 Episodes
Pilot: Shelley Sealy
Trouble in Paradise: Shelley Sealy
In Tennis, Love Means Nothing: Shelley Sealy
On Your Toes: Shelley Sealy
A Minor Miracle: Shelley Sealy
Illusions: Shelley Sealy
The Tribute: Shelley Sealy
The Covergirl; Shelley Sealy
Nightfall: Shelley Sealy
The Matriarch: Shelley Sealy
Fathers and Children:  Shelley Sealy
Rock 'n Roll Heaven: Shelley Sealy
The Runaway; Shelley Sealy
Suddenly Innocent: Shelley Sealy

Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In: (1969-1972)

Numerous Episodes:
Regular Performer

Guest Starring TV Roles & Episodes:
Becker: 5 Episodes:
Mrs. Recinos - The Ex-Files (2002)
Becker: Mrs. Recinos - Nocturnal Omissions (2001)
Becker: Mrs. Recinos - Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em (2000)
Becker: Mrs. Recinos - What Indifference a Day Makes (2000)
Becker: Mrs. Recinos - Cooked (2000)

Frasier: 2 Episodes:
Mrs. Douglas - Legal Tender Love and Care (2000)
Frasier: Donny's Mom - Dark Side of the Moon (2000)

Perfect Strangers: Ms. Abrams - Taking Stock (1987)
The Facts Of Life: Elayne - Off-Broadway Baby (1986)
Shadow Chasers: Millie - Amazing Grace (1985)
Amazing Stories: Mrs. Bender - The Main Attraction (1985)
Hart to Hart: Midge Jackson - Harts On Campus (1982)
One Day at a Time: Tina - Connor's Crisis (1980)
Alice: Helen Dovey - Close Encounters of the Worst Kind (1978)
Tabitha: Renee Cummings - Paul Goes to New York (1978)

Chico and the Man: 2 Episodes: - Amanda Wilkerson (1977)

Rhoda: 9 Episodes:
Myrna Morgenstern - Don't Give Up the Office (1976)
Rhoda: Myrna Morgenstern - Let's Call it Love (1976)
Rhoda: Myrna Morgenstern - A Night with the Girls (1975)
Rhoda: Myrna Morgenstern - Myrna's Story (1975)
Rhoda: Myrna Morgenstern - With Friends Like These (1975)
Rhoda: Myrna Morgenstern - Ida, the Elf (1975)
Rhoda: Myrna Morgenstern - Windows by Rhoda (1975)
Rhoda: Myrna Morgenstern - Not Made for Each Other (1975)
Rhoda: Myrna Morgenstern - The Shower (1974)

The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Randy - Feeb (1972)
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: Guest - (1971)
The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: Guest- (1971)